Different Types of Foundation Layouts Provided in a Construction Service

Foundation Layout Options for Your Home Project

The foundation layout is a vital part of any construction project, as it dictates how the rest of the building will be constructed. When building on a sloped site or in an area that has poor soil conditions, you need to take into account these factors before deciding on the best layout for your foundation. Here are the different types of foundation layouts provided in a construction service:

Beam Foundation

Beam foundation is a type of foundation that is used for the construction of a house. Beam foundation is also known as the slab-on-grade foundation. Beam foundation is a type of foundation where the floor slab is supported on beams or columns. The beam system consists of several elements including a concrete slab, steel beams, and concrete piers and footings.

Shallow Trench Foundation

A shallow trench foundation is a subtype of concrete slab-on-grade. It is used for small buildings and light loads, but it should not be used for large structures. This type of foundation comes with a flexible design that allows you to adjust the depth of your slabs based on your needs. The shallow trench foundation has an overall height ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches and can support up to 5500 pounds per square foot.

Ground Beam Foundation

A ground beam foundation is one of the simplest and most common forms of construction. It consists of a concrete slab, the top surface of which is supported by a set of bricks that have been laid on top of it. The purpose behind this type of layout is to provide a solid base for your home or business building that can withstand high winds, earthquakes, and other natural disasters without being compromised by them.

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