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Everyone knows that dealing with any construction project is not easy, especially if you don’t have a background. So you should consult and hire a reputable construction service provider like FrankConstruction if you opt for flawless and spectacular results. Proficient contractors like us know what to do and how to come up with impeccable results. So you better have us in the picture. If you’re around Newark, NJ, we can help you, and you can easily access our services. Book a reservation today!

The Services We Supply



Construction projects are dangerous and time-consuming. If you don't have the patience, knowledge, skills, and gear, you better step back and let experts like us handle everything. We are one of the trusted home construction companies in the area and can help you address all your construction needs in just a snap. So book a reservation today!


Although many people believe they can work on their plumbing alone, there are scenarios in that only professionals can handle them. So if you want to avoid trauma and problems, you better call out a reputable contractor like us to help you. We are experts in custom home construction and can work well on your plumbing problems. So hire our team now!


Anything related to electricity is not for amateurs like you. If you insist on handling anything alone, expect you'll face various problems and mistakes. So it is preferable to entrust all your electrical work to a trusted company like ours. We can install, upgrade, and fix any electrical problems you may have. So book an appointment today!


Handling concretes may sound easy, especially in tutorial videos. But it isn't like that in real life. You can face a lot of struggles to finish the task. If you don't like to squander your money and time for nothing, call and consult a professional contractor like us to help you. We are one of the finest new homes construction companies in the area and can handle all your concrete demands well. Book an appointment today!


It's essential to have a foundation to keep the structure sturdy. Thus, dealing with various difficulties and problems with your foundation isn't easy. So you should entrust everything to an authorized company like ours. We have a better understanding of foundations than you are. So we can handle it well. Turn to us for impeccable results.

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Phone: (973) 758-2524

The Other Construction Services We Supply

We also have other supplies or services you may need in the future. That includes drywall, residential construction, and commercial construction services. Do you want our offerings? Talk to us to discuss everything!

The Perks of Working With One Of The Best Home Construction Companies In The Area

Do you want to get the finest results you could ever imagine? There is nothing to worry about because you can hire us. With our services and help, you can get plenty of benefits. We will work for you, giving you enough time to focus on other essentials. Plus, we will come prepared and offer incredible yet cost-efficient services, saving you money. So hire us now to enjoy!

How Do We Do Our Job

We do our job by prioritizing our client’s needs and demands. That’s why we strive hard to do our best to deliver exceptional services and results. We even provide them with incentives, deals, discounts, and free estimates. This way, they will keep coming for more. If you like to know more about us, talk to us now!

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FrankConstruction is the perfect construction contractor to trust in Newark, NJ. Contact our team at (973) 758-2524 today for more inquiries.

by Nia Rossi on Frank Construction
Good Job!

This company was very professional and did a perfect job on my project. I have no regrets about picking this construction service provider. I was so impressed and relieved with them by my side. I will hire them again in the future. Thank you so much!

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